Video: Nigerian Man Claims His 'White Wife' Always Beat Him, Packs His Bags To Live On The Street In UK

71 views 24 May 2021
A video of a Nigerian man lamenting after his 'white wife' threw him out in the UK has gone viral on the social media. 

The video which was relatively old have a Nigerian man namely Tunde, crying that his UK wife maltreated him and he had to pack out of the house to live on the street.

In the video, the man was spotted with his bags of clothes outside and a flat TV screen speaking in a bitter tone on how he always pay for mortgage and clean the house but the woman never gave him peace. 

Below are some of the reactions to the video:

@iamjoycelewis said: 

"Thank God for freedom and life. Praying for men and women who are being maltreated, may God send help to you." @adewale20280713 said: "Some Nigerians are suffering in our own country too." 

@Utoks_4 said: 

"I almost never feel sorry for these men. Most of them misbehave and abandon their real wives and families most time. Lool..Karma maybe??" 

@Vikx_Khalifa said: 

"Omo green pastures no go kill us, see person grandfather." 

@achalaugom said: 

"I was just watching this and I knew instantly they was more to it...wish I can openly share my own experience, hopefully one day I will have d courage to... these men can be terrible but end up playing d victim. Nemesis caught up with him!!!" 

@Ifeade_Lu said: 

"So he left his wife lol well that’s what he gets. The other lady is his Karma. That’s good for him."

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