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Photos of Luxury Treasures People Found In The Course of Avoiding Boredom During The Lockdown

Some people cannot sit empty without work. They get relief by keeping themselves busy. During the first lockdown in Britain, many people found a treasure there. Some people roam around in forests and open areas with metal detectors.

Earlier such a view was common in Britain. Such people are called treasure hunters i.e. treasure hunters. The discovery of treasure was banned during the first lockdown due to the ongoing worldwide epidemic. Because of the ban, people were imprisoned in homes.

Many people started shoveling in their own gardens and homes to eradicate boredom. Now his success is surprising. According to the British Museum, a total of 47,000 mythological items were revealed during this period.

What did people found?

Tudor treasure is also included in these 47,000 items. The Tudors were a large aristocratic family in the 16th century. 63 gold coins and one silver coin have been found in the treasury. These are all coins dating from the late 15th century to the early 16th century.

A gardening man found this treasure in the New Forest area of ​​southern England while removing weeds. Even the experts of the British Museum have no idea how this treasure reached that garden. Coins of apartheid power apartheid of South Africa have also been found in a garden in northwest London. All 50 coins are of gold.

Apart from these, medieval seals have also been found in Dursley and Gloucestershire. However, archaeologists are also suspected of being fake. Roman furniture made of mixed copper is found in Hampshire. It is between 43 and 2000 AD. In this, the face of the mythical Greek god Oceanus can be seen clearly.

In the UK and Germany, the search of deserted areas with the help of metal detectors is generally prohibited. Special permission has to be taken for this. This permission is given on the condition that whatever is found in the search will be submitted to the administration. After this, a committee evaluates these things and gives a share as a prize to the investigator.

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